How our development process look like?

Our customers often ask us about our workflow. They want to make sure that work will go smoothly and align with product owner needs. It’s quite obvious that these things can be crucial in product development

Requirements description

In most cases our customers would like to know how recruitments are established. As a team of developers the most important things for us is to get as much information about our customers needs as we can. From customers point of view the best approach is to describe needs, workflow and desired outcome.  These three things are essential for us to better understand the big picture. It is really helpful when we’re facing the questions like: How long does it take to do that, how much would it cost. Mautic Developers main idea is to build our customer success with solutions we provide. To be able to do that Mautic Developers team need to have as much information as possible about customers quote.

Development process

The whole process from the quote, through production, to support, can be summarized in these 5 points

1. Understanding requirements
Describe your needs in the most specific way. Try to explain your workflow and desired outcome in as much detail as possible. Alternatively grab a Skype call with us

2. Estimation / quote
We will estimate your project and get back to you with more info about timing and costs. We’re working in time and material model with $45/h rate or depending on customer’s needs  we can estimate a fixed price.

3. Order / Reporting
Once Mautic Developers take the order, we will report to you weekly progress of the work.

4. Deployment
When we finish our code we will deploy it on the production environment and set it up with third party systems

5. Support
When your solution is out on production we will maintain our code for 60 days after deployment with no extra fees.

Your takeaways:

  • Describe your desired outcome and workflow as precisely as possible
  • Reporting  and communication during development process is fully transparent
  • We provide support for our solutions for 60 days after shipment

So keep calm and do Mautic









Michal Kurzeja


Mautic Documentation all in one

As an open source product, Mautic has a comprehensive documentation on the official website. It covers all topics related to successfully running Mautic. Sometimes, however, browsing multiple documents to find specific pieces of information can be troublesome and time-consuming. This is why we decided to compile all the documentation-related content into a one PDF file that we are sharing in this post below.

Click here to view Mautic Documentation all in one PDF file

Ease of use

Using that file makes it a lot easier to search for a particular help topic. A detailed table of contents will help you navigate through the document to find the information you need. In case you want to narrow down your search even further, all you need to do is to use CTRL+F (search in the document) and look up the information you require in the context you need at any given moment.

Share and access the documentation anytime

The PDF format makes it also easier to use the documentation regardless of the quality of your Internet connection. Download the file to your computer or a mobile device to reference it at all times and share it with your colleagues if needed. You can also print it and keep it in a paper format for a more comfortable reading experience. In that way, you can treat it as a self-study manual to help you learn all there is to know about the Mautic platform when you are away from the computer.

Hopefully, it will help you as it is helping us.

Keep Calm and Do Mautic
Mautic Developers


Hello World, we are Mautic developers.

Hello Mautic, Hello World 

We are a group of PHP coders who have been in the business for over 11+ years. During that time we have learned a lot about good coding practices, product usability and communication and we can safely say that we know the market inside-out.


The idea of establishing emerged when a couple of our clients asked us to create Mautic solutions, plugins and improvements for them. As we were getting familiar with the platform, we fell in love with its flexibility and potential and here we are, ready to deliver the best Mautic development and support services around.


Our mission is not only to develop solutions for our clients, but also to share them with the community. We will be delighted if you stick to us, follow what we do  keep up with our blog  and above all, share your feedback and questions with us. Let’s do awesome – together.

MauticDevelopers Team learn more about us here!

Michal Kurzeja