Integrate Mautic the way you need

Boost your sales and marketing efforts with Mautic Plugins

Mautic comes equipped with several plugins that extend its functionality and connect it with other applications. Easy to install and manage through the admin panel, they allow you to customize the system as you see fit. You can track the communication with your leads carried out through Gmail and Outlook, exchange information about contacts with MailChimp and Salesforce, allow social login buttons for the social network, and much more. To explore all the options provided by the Mautic plugins, check the related documentation.

Customizing CRM Plugins

What’s more, you don’t need to be limited to the functionalities provided by the existing plugins. If you find yourself missing some crucial features, there’s the possibility of adding them to your sales and marketing funnels by modifying available solutions according to your requirements – this includes also non-functional changes to provide you with a personalized experience with the Mautic system.

Creating dedicated plugins

In case the customization of an existing solution is not an option – either because it would be too time-consuming or there is simply nothing on the market close enough to your vision – a brand new plugin from can be created from scratch. The resulting product will be tailored to your unique business needs and will consist of just the right amount of features you require.

Testing and deployment

You can rest assured that your Mautic will be always in good shape. Our code is thoroughly tested to ensure both its functional and non-functional quality and ease of maintenance for the potential development and integrations in the future. It is clean and written according to the best industry practices. Thanks to this, the deployment process is smooth, the downtime risk minimized, and potential problems with cron jobs or cache invalidation can be quickly resolved. If need be, the workflow could be modified to include an additional backup solution or to be integrated with a cloud hosting service like AWS.


Although Mautic does not provide GDPR compliance solutions out-of-the-box (such as data encryption after unsubscribing), there’s always the possibility of incorporating it through an integration with a third party service of your preference.

Your takeaways

By integrating Mautic with your systems to exchange data, you will be able to gain new insights into the market and the behavioral patterns of your customers. Combined with the custom plugins, they will help you build more effective selling funnels, reach a broader audience, and grow your business.

Visit our integration page or get in touch with us to discuss the best way to integrate Mautic with your business.

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Advantage of Mautic Open Source Architecture – flexibility thanks to its plugins

There are many marketing automation platforms out there. Most of them are powerful tools with expensive pricing. They allow building a sophisticated customer journey that leads more customers to your services and products. But among many solutions available on the market, Mautic has one big advantage: it is open source architecture

Benefits of open source

Low entry level and flexibility

Mautic offers very similar features, but what distinguishes it from other solutions is Mautic architecture. Mautic is open sourced. Thanks to that, you can use it for small solutions at a fraction of the cost of dominant market solutions. If you need it to outreach thousands of contacts, you can rely on our platform for this purpose just as well. It is good for small companies as well for big corporations.


One of the most important advantage of Mautic is that everybody is able to customize it in a way that will boost their business and give a new way to acquire and retain customers. In some cases, this ability will determine whether a company will be successful.

Community of developers

Open source solutions like WordPress and Magento benefit from being open source. Because of that, the community of developers from all over the world improves it almost every day. As a result, Mautic is agile and new features and bug fixes are developed on daily bases. Mautic is growing faster than other marketing platforms.

Belonging of the data

When you use a cloud solution for your data, sometimes crucial and fragile information for business existence is stored on external company servers. Mautic allows you to take control over the data. You are sure that your customer data is 100% yours and you won’t lose it when you stop paying for the service. Full control over the data is even more important nowadays when EU forces companies to put GDPR data protection into their systems. In USA, California is one of the first states that provides similar law that obliges companies to put emphasis on data protection.
Integrations and plugins

The community of developers that develops extensions provides a variety of plugins that allow users to connect to external systems. The number of supported systems is increasing every day.

What makes it even more useful is bunch of builtin integrations that can be easily enabled. In today’s world, exchanging data between systems can be crucial for business success. Most companies use stack of 4 to 8 online tools that automate and organize business processes. Almost every firm uses CRM class systems which are helping them to maintain good relations with customers, so most integrations are related to CRMs.

Here are some examples of CRM plugins:

Pipedrive is one of the most popular CRM among small and medium companies, Plugin built by Mautic Developers

Salesforce CRM is one of the biggest CRM solutions used by millions of medium and large companies around the World – more info

Zoho CRM
Very popular CRM that offers other tools that help thousand of businesses every day – more info

Full list of CRMs supported by Mautic can be found here

CMS Integrations via Mautic plugins

Mautic also offers a connection to the most popular CMS solution: WordPress.

Thanks to multiple WordPress addons, you can connect your WordPress data with Mautic marketing automation – more info

If you are using WooCommerce, you can also take advantage of one of many integrations that are available on internet – option 1, option 2

System exchange platforms like Zapier

Zapier allows you to connect your application with over 1000 other applications without the need of any technical knowledge or developer support. Zaps, which are tiny automatizations Mautic, can be created via web panel. This allows you to connect your Mautic with one of many applications and customize your workflow in the way you need. Full list of Zapier <> Mautic connections.

Builtin API

Mautic offers restful API by design. Therefore, if you want to build a data exchange with a third party system or your own system, this is possible from day one. This robust solution gives flexibility that is essential in today’s world.

Your Takeaways

– Mautic is customizable, because its source code is available to everyone who needs it

– Mautic benefits from its open source architecture building community of developers that improve this platform every day

– Number of plugins that connect Mautic with third party systems like CRM and extend its core functionality is growing rapidly

– Data belongs to the company owner, thanks to which you have full control

So keep calm and use Mautic!
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How our development process look like?

Our customers often ask us about our workflow. They want to make sure that work will go smoothly and align with product owner needs. It’s quite obvious that these things can be crucial in product development

Requirements description

In most cases our customers would like to know how recruitments are established. As a team of developers the most important things for us is to get as much information about our customers needs as we can. From customers point of view the best approach is to describe needs, workflow and desired outcome.  These three things are essential for us to better understand the big picture. It is really helpful when we’re facing the questions like: How long does it take to do that, how much would it cost. Mautic Developers main idea is to build our customer success with solutions we provide. To be able to do that Mautic Developers team need to have as much information as possible about customers quote.

Development process

The whole process from the quote, through production, to support, can be summarized in these 5 points

1. Understanding requirements
Describe your needs in the most specific way. Try to explain your workflow and desired outcome in as much detail as possible. Alternatively grab a Skype call with us

2. Estimation / quote
We will estimate your project and get back to you with more info about timing and costs. We’re working in time and material model with $45/h rate or depending on customer’s needs  we can estimate a fixed price.

3. Order / Reporting
Once Mautic Developers take the order, we will report to you weekly progress of the work.

4. Deployment
When we finish our code we will deploy it on the production environment and set it up with third party systems

5. Support
When your solution is out on production we will maintain our code for 60 days after deployment with no extra fees.

Your takeaways:

  • Describe your desired outcome and workflow as precisely as possible
  • Reporting  and communication during development process is fully transparent
  • We provide support for our solutions for 60 days after shipment

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Mautic Documentation all in one

As an open source product, Mautic has a comprehensive documentation on the official website. It covers all topics related to successfully running Mautic. Sometimes, however, browsing multiple documents to find specific pieces of information can be troublesome and time-consuming. This is why we decided to compile all the documentation-related content into a one PDF file that we are sharing in this post below.

Click here to view Mautic Documentation all in one PDF file

Ease of use

Using that file makes it a lot easier to search for a particular help topic. A detailed table of contents will help you navigate through the document to find the information you need. In case you want to narrow down your search even further, all you need to do is to use CTRL+F (search in the document) and look up the information you require in the context you need at any given moment.

Share and access the documentation anytime

The PDF format makes it also easier to use the documentation regardless of the quality of your Internet connection. Download the file to your computer or a mobile device to reference it at all times and share it with your colleagues if needed. You can also print it and keep it in a paper format for a more comfortable reading experience. In that way, you can treat it as a self-study manual to help you learn all there is to know about the Mautic platform when you are away from the computer.

Hopefully, it will help you as it is helping us.

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Mautic Developers


Hello World, we are Mautic developers.

Hello Mautic, Hello World 

We are a group of PHP coders who have been in the business for over 11+ years. During that time we have learned a lot about good coding practices, product usability and communication and we can safely say that we know the market inside-out.


The idea of establishing emerged when a couple of our clients asked us to create Mautic solutions, plugins and improvements for them. As we were getting familiar with the platform, we fell in love with its flexibility and potential and here we are, ready to deliver the best Mautic development and support services around.


Our mission is not only to develop solutions for our clients, but also to share them with the community. We will be delighted if you stick to us, follow what we do  keep up with our blog  and above all, share your feedback and questions with us. Let’s do awesome – together.

MauticDevelopers Team learn more about us here!

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Mautic – Pipedrive CRM plugin are proud to announce our first fully functional Mautic custom plugin have been added to Mautic main repository and will be available in Mautic within next version of the software. It is very important to us that we can contribute community with our work.

If you would like to see more view our code here and staging repository here

Below you can find some documentation if you would like to test our solution.


Mautic – Pipedrive plugin documentation

This plugin allows for synchronization between Mautic and Pipedrive.
If you don’t have the Pipedrive account yet, create it here:

Configure the plugin in Mautic

To integrate Mautic with Pipedrive, fill out the following fields:

1) Pipedrive URL: Pipedrive API URL

2) Pipedrive Token: Pipedrive API token

3) Webhook user: the username of your choice (used in Pipedrive webhooks)

4) Webhook password: the password of your choice (used in Pipedrive webhooks)


Get the Pipedrive URL and API Token from Pipedrive. The API URL looks just like your own Pipedrive URL, but you have to add “/v1”at the very end. In this example the URL will look like this: “”


When you are filling out the form for the first time, set Published field to No. When you save the form and open the configurator again, you will be able to map the fields pulled from the Pipedrive API with Mautic fields. Having mapped the fields correctly, activate the integration by setting Published to Yes to start the synchronization.

Be extra careful when matching the fields to make sure that the correct data is saved.


Company / Organization Synchronization

To enable Company/Organization Synchronization, go to Features tab and tick Company / Organization:

After closing and re-opening the window you will be able to map the company/organization fields – they will be pulled from Pipedrive automatically.

Owners Synchronization

The plugin can also assign Owners to Lead/Person and Company/Organization. If you have a user with the same e-mail address both in Pipedrive and in Mautic, the plugin will synchronize the Owner automatically.

Points Field Synchronization

The plugin can synchronize Points field as well. To use this feature, add such field to Person in Pipedrive (Pipedrive doesn’t support this field by default):

Having done that, open the plugin configuration screen in Mautic again to see a new mapping option:

Configure the plugin in Pipedrive

To exchange the data between Pipedrive and Mautic, configure the webhooks in Pipedrive so that Mautic records are updated automatically.

You have to create webhooks for Person, User and optionally for Organization.

  1. Select “*” to send to Mautic all events for the given object
  2. Choose which object you want to synchronize (Person, Organization, User)
  3. Enter your Mautic URL address (you can find it on the configuration page)
  4. Enter the webhook user that you used for plugin configuration
  5. Enter the webhook password that you used for plugin configuration

Repeat for Person, User and Organizations. When you’re done, the webhook view should look like in the screenshot below. Keep in mind that Company/Organization synchronization is optional, so you don’t have to add a webhook for it if you don’t want to use it.

Command line scripts


The scripts are used for the initial Mautic <-> Pipedrive data exchange. You shouldn’t use them to make updates with CRON.

mautic:integration:pipedrive:fetch – pulls the data from Pipedrive and sends it to Mautic

mautic:integration:pipedrive:push – pushes the data from Mautic to Pipedrive

You have to complete the plugin configuration to use these scripts.

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