Hello World, we are Mautic developers.

Hello Mautic, Hello World 

We are a group of PHP coders who have been in the business for over 11+ years. During that time we have learned a lot about good coding practices, product usability and communication and we can safely say that we know the market inside-out.


The idea of establishing MauticDevelopers.com emerged when a couple of our clients asked us to create Mautic solutions, plugins and improvements for them. As we were getting familiar with the platform, we fell in love with its flexibility and potential and here we are, ready to deliver the best Mautic development and support services around.


Our mission is not only to develop solutions for our clients, but also to share them with the community. We will be delighted if you stick to us, follow what we do  keep up with our blog  and above all, share your feedback and questions with us. Let’s do awesome – together.

MauticDevelopers Team learn more about us here!

Michal Kurzeja