Integrate Mautic the way you need

Boost your sales and marketing efforts with Mautic Plugins

Mautic comes equipped with several plugins that extend its functionality and connect it with other applications. Easy to install and manage through the admin panel, they allow you to customize the system as you see fit. You can track the communication with your leads carried out through Gmail and Outlook, exchange information about contacts with MailChimp and Salesforce, allow social login buttons for the social network, and much more. To explore all the options provided by the Mautic plugins, check the related documentation.

Customizing CRM Plugins

What’s more, you don’t need to be limited to the functionalities provided by the existing plugins. If you find yourself missing some crucial features, there’s the possibility of adding them to your sales and marketing funnels by modifying available solutions according to your requirements – this includes also non-functional changes to provide you with a personalized experience with the Mautic system.

Creating dedicated plugins

In case the customization of an existing solution is not an option – either because it would be too time-consuming or there is simply nothing on the market close enough to your vision – a brand new plugin from can be created from scratch. The resulting product will be tailored to your unique business needs and will consist of just the right amount of features you require.

Testing and deployment

You can rest assured that your Mautic will be always in good shape. Our code is thoroughly tested to ensure both its functional and non-functional quality and ease of maintenance for the potential development and integrations in the future. It is clean and written according to the best industry practices. Thanks to this, the deployment process is smooth, the downtime risk minimized, and potential problems with cron jobs or cache invalidation can be quickly resolved. If need be, the workflow could be modified to include an additional backup solution or to be integrated with a cloud hosting service like AWS.


Although Mautic does not provide GDPR compliance solutions out-of-the-box (such as data encryption after unsubscribing), there’s always the possibility of incorporating it through an integration with a third party service of your preference.

Your takeaways

By integrating Mautic with your systems to exchange data, you will be able to gain new insights into the market and the behavioral patterns of your customers. Combined with the custom plugins, they will help you build more effective selling funnels, reach a broader audience, and grow your business.

Visit our integration page or get in touch with us to discuss the best way to integrate Mautic with your business.

So keep calm and do Mautic









Michal Kurzeja



How our development process look like?

Our customers often ask us about our workflow. They want to make sure that work will go smoothly and align with product owner needs. It’s quite obvious that these things can be crucial in product development

Requirements description

In most cases our customers would like to know how recruitments are established. As a team of developers the most important things for us is to get as much information about our customers needs as we can. From customers point of view the best approach is to describe needs, workflow and desired outcome.  These three things are essential for us to better understand the big picture. It is really helpful when we’re facing the questions like: How long does it take to do that, how much would it cost. Mautic Developers main idea is to build our customer success with solutions we provide. To be able to do that Mautic Developers team need to have as much information as possible about customers quote.

Development process

The whole process from the quote, through production, to support, can be summarized in these 5 points

1. Understanding requirements
Describe your needs in the most specific way. Try to explain your workflow and desired outcome in as much detail as possible. Alternatively grab a Skype call with us

2. Estimation / quote
We will estimate your project and get back to you with more info about timing and costs. We’re working in time and material model with $45/h rate or depending on customer’s needs  we can estimate a fixed price.

3. Order / Reporting
Once Mautic Developers take the order, we will report to you weekly progress of the work.

4. Deployment
When we finish our code we will deploy it on the production environment and set it up with third party systems

5. Support
When your solution is out on production we will maintain our code for 60 days after deployment with no extra fees.

Your takeaways:

  • Describe your desired outcome and workflow as precisely as possible
  • Reporting  and communication during development process is fully transparent
  • We provide support for our solutions for 60 days after shipment

So keep calm and do Mautic









Michal Kurzeja